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Friday, September 28, 2012

To 5K or to 10K??

To 5K or to 10K?? That is the question of the day!

So I have been thinking since I started this journey “When do I progress to the 10K?” Do I improve my time on the first several 5k’s or do I move on to a 10K? Push myself (in distance)? So this is what I have decided. I am going to PUSH! If I don’t push I will never go further, right? I am scared, fearful, terrified? Of what you ask? FAILING! I hate to fail. But who does?? :)

Starting this week I will be following the Jeff Galloway plan ( which starts with 2~30 min runs and then a 2 mile run (Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday). I am good with that! Ha ha ha. I checked the calendar today and it increases very slowly but not to slow!  So all I can say is “here goes nothing” wish me luck, cross your fingers, braid your hair

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