Countdown to Disney Princess Half Marathon

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Consumed with The Disney Princess Half Marathon

Mom, Sindi, and I are running down the street and there are hundreds of people chasing us, as we get to this HUGE building there is no where to go, except through it.  Nervousness hits me as we start to enter the building.  Then a sense of excitement comes over me, because this building is beautiful inside and I want to enjoy the scenery, but the crowd is getting closer.  All of a sudden there is a bright flash in my eyes, there must be a security camera somewhere.  We've been caught.  We start running faster and I hear someone screaming my name.  And just like that, I woke up!  Later that day, I was telling my mom about my dream and she said, the big building was the Castle at Walt Disney World.  Then it all made sense, the crowds chasing us were the other runners (I guess,  I think highly of myself to think so many people will be behind me).  As you run through Cinderella Castle at the Princess race they snap your picture, which explains the flash in my dream.  As for the screaming it was my family cheering for me.  I am so consumed with this race that it is even overtaking my dreams!
Not only has the Princess Half Marathon taken over my dreams, but my whole life! I waste spend so much time online every day researching costume ideas, ways to refuel, the average weather in FL in February, and of course stalking reading all the PHM Facebook groups. The planning doesn't just involve running, but a whole Walt Disney World vacation!  So, I have also spent hours figuring out where to stay, planning our days, such as which day we should go to which park.  Also, where to eat at each park, so I could make our advance dining reservations.  These things must be strategically planned around extra magic hours, days and times of parades, and of course all the run Disney festivities.
Obviously, I am super excited to "run Disney", but then what?  Do I just cross this off my bucket list and start a new hobby?  Do I find a new race that will excite me?  Not sure another race could ever excite me like Disney can (this Disney run got me off the couch and running 3 times a week, not to mention, I carry 44 less pounds with me on my runs).  I have been planning this race since January of this year.  I have thrown myself into this 110%,  and I fear when it is all over, I will be depressed.  For now, I will keep my excitement alive, by stalking PHM Facebook pages, and working on my Cinderella costume, I may even make a doctors appointment to get some antidepressants for the flight home.

~Princess Janie  

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