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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

5K ~ Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness

Well, this weekend I had my best 5K time. At 36:13, approximately 2 minutes better then last months 5K. I was proud of myself in that sense. In another sense I was SO MAD!!! As I watched my MIL (Sandy) and SIL  (Janie)  kick butt doing the 10K I was MAD, MAD, MAD! If I could have kicked myself in the butt I would have… Now, knowing in my heart of hearts that I could not have done it I was still mad, why? Who knows. I guess I am mad at my body. Why by now can I not do a 10K by now?

I am in a battle with my body’s endurance levels. I feel like at around mile 2 I start pooping out. Knowing that I have a stomach that hold about 3oz of food at a time I am assuming this is the reason why I am having this battle. I cant fuel my body the way “normal” people do. By the time I get out to run in the morning I have only had about 3 bites of yogurt and maybe a bite of banana and honestly I don’t think that is enough at all. I was told yesterday to start eating oatmeal 2 hours before I run. So guess what I will be doing this week?? You know it, I will be trying oatmeal to see if this is going to help. To be continued on that subject……

On November 22nd I WILL be running my first 10K….Wish me luck

Side Note: Saturday was dedicated to all the sweet babies that have gone on to heaven. Ava Yvonne & Calleigh Mae

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